Quality Policy
Quality Policy

EssaInfra Pvt. Ltd .implements ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and strives to provide the best product and service to customers. With the aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction the company continuously upgrades its quality management system. Management ensures that all factors influencing quality are adequately defined and checked at various stages of production. Quality management system applies to Sales, Design , Fabrication , Production, Service and Installation process.

EssaInfra gives quality assurance through its dedicated team of professionals who check for quality at the following stages :

  • Inward Inspection – Materials received at the plant are checked for basic parameters such as thickness, length, width, etc.
  • In-Process Inspection – Material is checked at every stage of the process from cutting, rolling, drilling to welding. Based on requirements, products also undergo extensive tests like chemical tests for GI, Zinc Coating, Knife Test, Copper Sulphate Test, Hammer Test, Dye Penetration Test, etc.
  • Pre-Dispatch Inspection – Prior to dispatch, products are tested for quality and a Lot wise inspection report is generated.

EssaInfra has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification for assuring quality in Design and Manufacturing of Pre-Fabricated Shelter, Porta Cabins, Telecom & Transmission Towers, Automobile components, Fabricated Structure Accessories, & Customized Service Support.