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Product Overview

Satec’s commitment to excellence makes it India’s leading choice for manufacturing and installing pre-engineered buildings.

Pre- Engineered Buildings are an efficient and economical solution to modern infrastructure needs.

These steel buildings can be customised as per requirements offering design flexibility and durability. Lighter than conventional steel buildings, Pre-Engineered Buildings offer potential savings in structural framework.

Pre-Engineered Buildings offer huge savings in time, as not only can they be constructed faster than conventional buildings, standardisation of PEB has led to significant reduction of design time.

These structures employ low weight flexible frames affording them higher resistance to seismic activities. Maintenance free exteriors, ability to withstand extreme weather conditions are some of the advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings. These expandable structures can also be easily dismantled and relocated.

From warehouse, factories and aircraft hangars to cold storages, stadiums and supermarkets, these highly durable structures can be used for both industrial and commercial operations.

Satec’s state-of-art manufacturing plant ensures that Pre-Engineered Buildings are made using superior quality products.  From using patented manufacturing technology to use of hydraulic, precision machines, Satec guarantees incomparable quality and safety.

Satec’s manufacturing plant is equipped with top-of-the-line machines like high capacity, high precision H beam machine, automated Purlin interchange Roll forming machine and high capacity CNC / multiple tips cutting machine. Coupled with an Automatic Welding Bay with sawing and cutting and a Shot Blasting and Painting Line, our manufacturing plant is a one-stop destination for all Pre-Engineered Building component needs.

Our customer centric approach and professional teams enable us offer exclusive after sales service and prompt deliveries.

At Satec, our Pre-Engineered Buildings consist of the following :

  • The main frames (includes H Beams, Slant Beams and Box Beams)
  • Secondary framing (Z and C purlins)
  • Roof and wall panels (single skin and insulated sandwich panels)
  • Structural subsystems (canopies, fascias, partitions, etc.)
  • Floor systems (mezzanines,, platforms, etc.)
Product Options
H Beams H / I Beams are globally preferred for large constructions due to their superior load bearing capacity. These light weight beams have superior strength and durability and are low-cost, making them ideal for primary structures.
C and Z Purlins C and Z Purlins are the steel structures used in secondary framing of Pre-Engineered Buildings. These purlins help support roof and wall sheeting and transfer load to the primary structure.
Roof and Wall Panels Satec provides various options for Roof and Wall Panels from single skin to insulated sandwich panels. These panels are energy efficient as they provided advanced heat preservation. With coefficient of heat conductivity ranging from 0.0175 km / (m.c.) to 0.035km/ (m.c), insulation can be 15 times greater than a brick wall of the same thickness.